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How to Spot Fake Chanel Shoes

1. Constructions Perfection

Chanel shoes are made to the highest standards of construction – it’d better be, with such a high price tag! Most Chanel shoes are made in Italy (though in the past some were made in France) of high-quality leather and by expert shoe makers.

Learn to identify well-made shoes by looking at the small details: the seams should be clean and straight, there should be no bubbling or folding anywhere in the leather, and there should be absolutely no glue residue along the insole.

2. Brand Markers on Bottom and Inner Cole

The insole will normally say CHANEL in all-caps, below it will be the Chanel CC logo, and above it, it will say where the shoe was made (usually Italy, sometimes France, and Spain for espadrilles).

On the outsole you should look for the CC logo, the “Made in” stamp, and the shoe size, which will normally show up in a European size, but will occasionally also show up in American sizing.

3. Serial Style Number

Look for a serial number on your Chanel shoes that is stamped in the same color as the insole brand stamp. The style stamp may be omitted from strappy shoes where there is no room for stamp.

By: glowsly