Never store your handbag in plastic or vinyl.

Plastics and vinyl do not breathe and are moisture resistant – it actually traps wetness! What this means is that using plastic to store your bags just may cause mold. Use dust bag, it has pores that make your bag can “breath”.

The Power of Maintenance

The most important tip for taking care of your new leather handbag? Treat it like a baby from the first time you buy it! Don’t wait till that frayed strap snaps or that coffee stain sets in irrevocably. Take your bag to the leather repair shop at the first sign of wear and wipe the outside with a slightly damp cloth every other day to remove grit and grime.


Invest in a Purse Caddy

Not only will keep your keys away from your iPhone, purse caddy will also prevent pen leak, eye shadow, melted lipstick from obliterating the liner of your purse. Also, in the off chance you do want to switch handbags for the day, a purse caddy makes transfer easy.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Carry hand sanitizer spray or hand sanitizer wipes with you at all times. It will also prevent grime from your hands from transferring to your bag that can leave the stain.

Never store your handbag without a cover or inside support!

There are a few different ways that you can store a leather handbag when it isn’t in use.

  1. Store your handbag in the closet using an insert for support like a small pillow, scrunched paper or purse and a dust bag cover. Most handbags come with their own dust bag cover so make sure you don’t throw it away!
  2. Purchase a Hanging Handbag Organizer to easily store your handbags in your closet. This will keep the dust off your bag and make it so you can quickly see and grab any bag when you need it. To maintain the shape of the bag be sure to stuff it with something!