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MARHEN.J’s Mega Hit Handbags

Korean fashion bags have long been sought after by fashion influencers and K-pop devotees around the world. But what makes MARHEN.J stand out?

The story behind the MARHEN.J brand began in January 2015 when Kim Hyun Hee, Creative Director behind the art directing scene for popular K-pop artists like Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Twice, Wonder Girls and more, started out to develop her own unique designer fashion brand.


With a vision to develop a line of Korean designer bags including handbags for women, office bags and bags for work that conveyed both structured composure and a sense of relaxation, MARHEN.J was birthed.


And now today, they are creating waves in Korea’s fashion scene for their stylish bag designs that are trendy yet so sensible. Designs by MARHEN.J was not a case of minimalism for its own sake. But rather a perfect pairing of practical design sense with a streamlined approach to beauty. This resulted in bags that are suitable both for everyday casual and office formal. An added flourish is the fact that all products are cruelty-free and use the latest premium synthetic leather manufacturing technology in their production.


By: siftandpick